Why nanoink?

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Why nanoink?

Why is nanoink important?

Because metal nanoink is the only material that can realize a low resistivity of 10-6 level Ωcm equivalent to those of bulk gold and silver; when a processing temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius is considered. Moreover, with nanoink, we can control the ink characteristics to meet the needs; from water-like rustle condition to high viscosity level for screen printing. Therefore, nanoink enables you to try various printing methods. Such broad application range could not be realized with the conventional metal pastes.

Our company sells mainly gold and silver nanoinks for ink-jet. They are conformable to all kinds of ink-jet heads such as Piezoelectric and Thermal.

For the comparison between our nanoink and the conventional-type nanoink, please see the Product Introduction page in the website.

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