about DryCure; Ultra-High Purity Metal Nanoink


Company name has changed to "C-INK" at Dec. 01, 2016
Our gold and silver nanoinks; DryCure-Au and Ag* eneble you to form crack-free, good quality metal film. In contrast, the conventional nanoink contained a lot of organic matters (such as dispersing agent) that could be called as impurities; therefore there were the following three problems.

  1. High-temperature sintering is necessary.
  2. Inks are unstable.
  3. Cracks occur after sintering.

Our DryCure can solve all those problems listed above.

  1. The minimum necessary heat treatment is required. By coating and drying at room temperature on compatible substrate like inkjet grossy paper, our products demonstrate their conduction characteristics equivalent to those of the conventional nanoink. Usually annealing at 100-120 degrees Celsius for several minutes gives well-conducted pattern on PET, glass etc.
  2. DryCure is extremely stable. It does not produce any precipitation even when stored at room temperature. (Au is stable even in atmosphere; Ag is stable in oxygen-free condition. When contacted with air, Ag slowly deteriorates due to the oxidation. In order to prevent any air intrusion, we ship the products in aluminum-laminated container.)
  3. If the coating process is appropriate, there will be no cracks occurred after sintering.

We supply gold and silver nanoinks: DryCure Au-J and Ag-J for ink-jet. Our ink-jet ink can be stably discharged by all types of ink-jet heads regardless of the method such as Piezoelectric and/or Thermal. For our product lineup and cartridge setting for Dimatix material printer, please refer to the download page in the website.

On the video shown below, you can watch how the conductivity exerts immediately after DryCure is printed on an ordinary glossy paper.

We are very sorry, we've stopped sale of DryCure ** series. Please use DryCure **-J / **-JB series.

Difference of DryCure ** series.