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Now we stop sale DryCure ** series!!


Dimatix cartridge setting for 2800 series printer

Resistivity of DryCure AgJB at several substrate

Resistivity of DryCure AuJB and DryCure AgJB

Resistivity of DryCure AgJB @60℃

TDS of DryCure AgJ (2019, May.)

TDS of DryCure AuJ (2019, May.)

Press Release

Spontaneous Patterning of High-Resolution Electronics.

Room-Temperature Printing of Organic Thin-Film Transistors


DryCure Ag-J
0410B 0420B 1010B 1020B

DryCure Ag-JB
0410B 0420B 1010B 1020B

DryCure Au-J
0410B 1010B

DryCure Au-JB
0410B 1010B

Cleaning Solvent for DryCure **-J/**-JB
(4mPa・s) (10mPa・s)

Cf.) How can I choose DryCure series?