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“Supplying the materials which have necessity”; this is our mission. Why is nanoink needed? When we think about this question, there is one clear answer. “We would like to make good metal films by coating.” Our nanoink was created in order to solve this problem logically and inevitably. The key word is “ultrahigh purity”. In order to form a good metal film, it is preferable the ink to contain as less impurities as possible. In this regard, our nanoink is the ink containing the fewest impurities in the world. We honestly pursue our fundamentals and ideals; we are continuing it even now.

If you make a mistake in selecting the initial materials, you cannot come up with a good result how hard you may try afterward. If you are having any problems, please try our nanoink. Our products will surely meet your expectations.

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May 25, 2015

(Dec 01, 2016
Company Name has changed to
C-INK Co., Ltd.)
CEO and founder
Masayuki Kanehara

“Passion, problem solving skills, and proven expertise will break through the common sense.”

Our company's greatest asset is the human resources. All staff at our company has problem-solving perspective; we promise to strive to contribute to our customers with proven expertise and passion.

company name C-INK Co., Ltd.(Company Name changed from "COLLOIDAL INK")
company address 550 Akahama, Soja City, Okayama Prefecture, 719-1121 Japan
establishment year 2012
representative name Masayuki Kanehara, Ph.D
business description Metal nanoink production and supply
E-Mail info@cink.jp