Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any types of media that are
difficult for the ink to support?
Some types of special glass are unsupported. Depending on the condition of the glass surface, it can sometimes be difficult for the nanoink to have proper adhesion.
Do you also support sales
for individual customers?
Unfortunately we do not sell to individual customers.
How can one obtain an estimate or make an order?
Please contact us here to request an estimate or to place an order. Link to form for order inquiries
Is it possible to consult with C-INK about
the use of DryCure J series ink?
Certainly. Please feel free to contact us here.
Link to form for order inquiries
Does degradation occur over time?
We confirmed that items printed with silver nanoink (DryCure Ag-J) did not degrade for 1,000 hours in a test environment of 85% with 95% humidity. Also, the warranty period for unopened nanoink is 6 months from the shipping date.

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