Development environment

Printing electronics is
possible anytime
and anywhere
with DryCure J series

Printing electronics with inkjet printing renders expensive infrastructure and equipment unnecessary. It also prevents waste of material since only the necessary amount of ink is used in the necessary areas. Producing an impression is unnecessary since printing can be done with electronic data.

Printed electronics have enabled a change
in the development environment

Simplification (reduction in work process) and faster production of electronic circuits

Printed electronics using inkjet printing can reduce the time and cost involved in creating prototypes.

Prototyping is possible as long as there is a printer

Prototype testing can be done quickly by checking and outputting revised data with a printer.

Enables communication as well as confirmation, adjustment and prototyping throughout the world

As long as there is DryCure J series and a printer, the manufacture of electronic devices can be done anywhere in the world and with anyone.

Output is possible with several data production methods and applications

If there is an application that makes printer output possible, it can basically be used as a production tool.

Initial investment can be minimized since large-scale equipment is unnecessary

Since printed electronics using DryCure J series do not require expensive vacuum equipment and high-temperature processing, initial investment costs can be kept to a minimum.

Environmentally friendly

Inkjet printing is environmentally friendly in preventing material waste since only the necessary amount of ink is used in the necessary areas.

Metallic print ink for inkjets

DryCure J series forms a thin film with a beautiful metallic luster, allowing it to also be used as a decorative metallic ink.

Specialized printer "C-jet"

C-jet is a printer designed specifically for DryCure J series. It was developed based on C-INK's nanoink printing technology.

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